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How to Automatically Earn $40 Every 15 Minutes with the New App – EarnApp

My phone and laptop are currently earning me money, and they have already brought me $39 in my PayPal account. Here is the proof. But the most important thing is that I can just lie on the couch and do absolutely nothing, and this app brings me a steady income every day. Hello, friends! In this video, we will talk about a new app that you simply install, and because it uses a small portion of your unused internet, it pays you every hour. The website is called EarnApp, and you have a link in the video description from where you can download the app on any device and make money completely automatically. Honestly, this method of earning is so simple that anyone can use it because you don’t need investments, experience, and you don’t need to spend too much time on it. However, if you watch this video until the end, you will learn how to triple your income with 2 additional simple steps.

Here is the link to the application –

First, you need to register on the website. You have the link in the description (, and then just click on “Start Earning.” You can register using your Google or Apple account. After logging in, you can track your earnings statistics on the website and withdraw the money to your PayPal account or any other accepted payment system. However, you can only earn money through the app, so let’s download it.

As I mentioned, you can install the app on any device, but in this video, I will show you how to start earning money on an Android smartphone. Click on “Download for Android” and install the downloaded file. During the installation, your phone may display a warning that the app is supposed to be unsafe. Don’t worry, this warning appears for any app downloaded from outside of Google Play. Click on “Install” anyway.

After launching the app, you need to associate your account with it. To do this, click on “Associate Device with My Account.” Once your device is successfully associated, you will see it in the list of devices on the website, indicating that it is generating earnings. Remember that you can exit the app, lock your phone screen, and still earn money. Now you can leave your phone and do absolutely nothing because your earnings solely depend on your internet connection speed.

To increase your earnings, you can install the app on other devices such as a computer, a second phone, a laptop, or even an iPhone. The more devices you use, the higher your passive income will be.

Once you have multiple devices running the app, your earnings will multiply. Additionally, you can activate a VPN to boost your earnings. For example, using a VPN for the United States will significantly increase your earnings. You have permission to use a VPN for any country, so take advantage of this opportunity. You can find free VPN services online, or there might be one in the video description to save you time searching for a free VPN.

After using the app for a while, you can check your earnings on the website. The app adds money to your account every hour, and the amount depends on your country and internet service provider. You can use the calculator on the website to estimate your earnings based on your location. Remember that the app utilizes a portion of your internet connection, but you can still earn money even if the screen is turned off.

In conclusion, Earn App provides a simple and passive way to make money online without investments or extensive knowledge and effort on your part. By using multiple devices and activating a VPN, you can increase your earnings. Just keep the app active, and your earnings will continue to grow. Check the links in the video description, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you enjoyed this video, support me with a like and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. Good luck! See you in the next video. Link here –

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