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How To AUTOMATICALLY EARN $40 Every 10 Minutes With New Site – TradeMax / Proof Of Payment

Hello friends,

Today, I want to introduce you to a new platform where you can earn money through investments. This site allows you to earn up to 7% per day on your invested amount. The minimum investment amount on this platform is $20, and the maximum is $10,000. The platform is called “TradeMax” and it has recently launched, with just a few days since its inception, and already has over 2,000 people who have invested.

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This trading platform utilizes artificial intelligence to carry out trades with the money you invest, and it offers returns of up to 7%, depending on the chosen investment plan. The rest of the profit is retained for site maintenance and other expenses. I have conducted several checks to ensure that the site is functional and pays out as claimed. I decided to invest $200, which generates a daily income of approximately $7. The most significant aspect is that the daily profit is added to the invested amount, resulting in a kind of compound interest that many millionaires use to increase their earnings much faster. This means that the more you increase your account balance, the more money you earn each day.

Today, I made a withdrawal to demonstrate that the site is genuine and pays out. I received the money in about an hour, as shown in this video.

I want to advise you from the outset that every investment carries a certain level of risk. Therefore, please consider this and invest only what you can afford to lose. I recommend investing when projects like these are in their early stages to ensure a higher likelihood of making a profit.

Let me show you how to correctly register and then I will present the three investment plans and guide you through making a deposit and withdrawal. To register on the site, you need to access the link provided in the description or the first comment. It is an affiliate link, and without it, you won’t be able to create an account.

Access the link in the description, and it will open the registration homepage, as seen in the video. Here, you need to provide your email address, create a password, and then confirm the password. Below, enter a security password, which you will use in case you lose access to your account or forget your main password. Then, tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and your account will be successfully created.

Now, we are on the main page, where you can find some information about the site. Please take the time to read it. Below, you will see the three investment plans. As you can see, the first plan offers a daily return of between 3% and 5%, with a minimum investment of $20 and a withdrawal time of up to 2 hours. Additionally, you will receive a 2% bonus on your first deposit.

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The second investment plan offers a return of between 4.5% and 5% per day. To activate this plan, you need a minimum balance of $499. Like the previous plan, withdrawals are processed within 2 hours, and you’ll receive a 4% bonus on your first deposit.

The last plan offers returns of between 5% and 7% daily, with a minimum investment of $2,000. Withdrawals take up to 2 hours, and you’ll receive a 6% bonus along with other benefits. These are the three investment plans. As you can see, I am part of the smallest plan since my investment falls between $20 and $499.

Now, I’ll show you how to make a deposit and then a withdrawal. To make a deposit, go to the “Investor’s Cabinet” and then click on “Deposit.” Next, select the investment package that corresponds to the amount you want to invest. For example, I’ll choose the first package.

Enter the amount, which should be more than $20, and click “Deposit Now.” An address for USDT will be generated, and you’ll need to send your $20 there. Pay close attention to the currency and network. The currency is USDT, and the network is TRC-20. Once you’ve sent the funds, click “Check Status,” and your money will be deposited into your account. The AI robots will then start working, and you’ll see your daily profit.

Now, let me show you how to make a withdrawal. To initiate a withdrawal, you should have a minimum balance of $15. Go to “Withdraw,” enter the amount you want to withdraw (in my case, $20), and provide your USDT TRC-20 address from Binance or another cryptocurrency wallet. Click “Submit,” and your transaction is in process. It takes up to 2 hours for the funds to arrive in your account. In my case, the money arrived in less than an hour. You can see the proof once again; I received an email confirming the payment, and if you check your Binance account now, you’ll see that the funds have been successfully deposited.

Registered here –

I’d like to mention that you can invite people using your personal link if you want to build a team and increase your earnings. You’ll receive a 9% commission for the people you directly invite, those in level 1. You’ll also receive commissions from levels 2 and 3. This platform offers daily bonuses in the Telegram group; if you want to participate, you’ll find the group link in the video description. Similarly, in the description, you’ll find my personal group, where I can assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

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